Guaranteed Quality

Golden Prize operates on its 105,000 SQM production plant, which equipped with the highest technology production machinery and equipment. Starting from the fish thawing process, we use advanced technology that involves the application of electricity for thawing frozen fish. By using electricity thawing, it reduces the time for thawing and preserves fish freshness, flavor, color and nutritional value. The method is capable of maintaining the fish quality, which helps to produce higher quality products.
In terms of cooking, we use fully automatic cookers that inject steam and cooling under sprayed water. The cookers are designed to optimize the cooking process and provide better product yield and quality.
Our packing machines are imported from Spain. It is designed for high production speed and it is constructed of food grade approved materials. In addition, the machines also enhance food appearance via superior quality cutting so the presentations of the end products are fully maintained.

Our Food Quality and Safety standard include

We are certified by the Department of Fisheries Thailand for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

We are certified by the Department of Fisheries Thailand for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)

We are certified by DNV GL Business Assurance Italy for BRC Global Standard for Food Safety

We are certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand for our Halal Certificate

We are certified by Earth Island Institution for Dolphin Safe

We are certified by Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations for OU Kosher Certificate

We are certified by the US agency that is in charge of inspecting food and medicine for our US food and Drug Administration (US FDA)