Social and Ethical Policy

Our company, GOLDEN PRIZE CANNING CO., LTD, is Thailand’s leading manufacturer of cost competitive, high quality seafood products, including tuna, sardine, mackerel, saury and other value added products. Our products must meet customer requirements in terms of quality and meet standard specifications. Company must ensure that all workers who work in the company must acknowledge the importance of maintaining quality to meet customer requirements, the right of freedom of association& collective bargaining, occupational health& safety, fair remuneration& decent working hours and discrimination. Company established the policy and communicates this policy with all workers to acknowledge this labor and safety management. The objectives are:

1. Company complies with all BSCI conditions.

2. Company complies with domestic law and other related laws. Company also complies with international law and regulation. These laws and regulations shall be communicated and implemented within the company such as workers involvement and protection, occupational health and safety, protection of environment, local and international labor laws.

3. Company will review, check and adjust policy in order to improve and ensure that we comply with any changes in rules and regulations. These policies shall be listed in company’s code of conduct, work instruction or other related documents.

4. Company must control and ensure that all policies must be kept and recorded. It must be maintained and communicated effectively to all workers in every department including top management team, management team, operation team (both full-time and part-time workers) and other representatives of the company.

5. Company communicates related policy through appropriate mean if it is requested.

6. Company develops overall quality management and implements occupational health, safety and environment in order to improve the company.

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7. Company maintains continuous effort in improving production techniques and human resources.

8. Company commits to deliver products on time, provide the best service and ensure transparency throughout the process.

9. Company ensures that working environment is safe and clean. Company constantly improves and protects workers from dangers caused by machinery& other equipment (i.e. fire equipment, chemical equipment, etc.) including basic risk assessment in every operational class.

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10. Company will review and evaluate policy implementation and ensure that all workers follow the policy strictly.

11. Company will not cause any disturbance to the neighborhood and provide help if the community requires. Company will try to implement adequate measures to prevent or minimize adverse effects towards the community, natural resources and the overall environment.

12. Company will maintain integrity, honesty and not involve in any acts of corruption including giving gifts/ souvenirs inside the company.

13. Company respects the right of workers to form unions in a free and democratic way. Company ensures that workers will be facilitated if they would like to lodge a complaint directly to the management team in case if they have been wrongly treated or discriminated against. Company will not discriminate against workers because of trade union membership and not prevent workers’ representatives from having access to workers in the workplace or from interacting with them.

14. Company knows the importance of the workers so it ensures that workers know all about the remuneration system, other benefits, code of conduct by asking workers to provide signature as acknowledgement in the applicant form. Workers are well treated and will not bear any unreasonable disciplinary action or inhumane activities in the workplace.

15. Company will not discriminate in terms of hiring, remuneration, training, promotion, termination, retiring on the basis of gender, age, religion, race, caste, birth, social background, disability, ethnic and national origin nationality, membership in unions or any other legitimated organizations, political affiliation, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, disease or any other conditions that could arise discrimination.

16. Company agrees to keep person’s identity confidentially and maintains anonymity of the person who lodges any complaints.

17. Company and management team shall follow work integrity strictly.

18. Company is not involved in any kind of forced labor, bonded labor, human trafficking and will not employ children aged below 15 years old.

19. If the inspection required (with or without prior notice) to ensure that this policy is implemented correctly, company shall facilitate the person who is required by the inspection to get access to the place, information that will help to review whether workers’ fully understand the policy, implementation process and regulation that assist the company to be involved in problem solving matter that will impact the quality management.

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